Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development services will improve a business’s growth. Our Vision is to create user-oriented apps which elevates the digital-profile of enterprises at many aspects. At the Complexed-linked digital-Internet world, we believe that our apps will make a positive difference to our client’s business.

Android App Development:
With the highest usage among the global mobile market, most of the business needs to have a good presence at the Android Marketplace. Vanusra delivers custom developed and universally compatible Android apps.
iPhone/iPad Apps Development:
IOS continues to be the most prestigious App platform in the current scenario. At its strong quality measures and high-rejection rate, there are the chance to be among the elite app group. We make sure that the results meet our clients requirement.
Windows Phone Apps Development:
The windows mobile platform has a fair but loyal customer base. A great way to be a part of elite access crowd, we make your Windows Phone app special with great functionality and design.
Cross Platform Apps Development:
Vanusra’s professionals are the proven experts at the most versatile and easily-configurable mobile platform. our development team converts Phone gap actual HTML5 into a powerful converging multiple Devices and platforms into a single platform.

Understanding the Different Types of Mobile Applications:

Mobile Applications are software programs that perform a predefined function and are designed to work on handheld devices such as Smart Phones, tablets and feature phones. But all mobile applications are not the same.

Mobile applications can be broadly classified into two different types based on the mobile development technology. These are native mobile applications and web mobile applications.

Native Mobile Applications:

Native mobile applications are the ones that run directly from your handheld device i.e. your feature phone, SmartPhone or tablet for eg: IOS apps. Some of the other types of native apps are  calculators, built-in browsers, native versions of popular social networks (e.g. facebook app, Twitter app, etc.) and geo-location apps.

Web-based Mobile Applications:

Web-based applications are becoming immensely popular in the mobile app development. Web-based Mobile Applications are software programs that can run directly from the web browser on mobile phones and tablets. The web-based mobile apps do not get installed on your handheld mobile device and are run on web-hosted servers. Some examples of popular web applications are popular social networks , email, office applications and chatting applications.

Customization – the Key to Mobile App Development:

The need of the hour for any mobile app development program is customization, which allows the developed apps to meet specific business needs. It is important for companies that want to create mobile apps for their consumers or for internal use to have proper goals. Readymade solutions in the form of existing mobile apps may not satisfy requirement. Vanusra helps in providing solutions that fits our clients specific needs.

Consulting Services

Vanusra’s IT Consulting services provides businesses with the necessary tools to improve operational performance.  IT is rapidly changing the face of global economic development and to be ahead in the competition, constant advancements have created challenges for most businesses.

Vanusra Consulting Services aims at outsourcing domain and functional consultants for its client. Vanusra has maintained strong personnel in different domains such as  Retail, Education sectors, Manufacturing and Energy. Clients from these domains stand to get a clear advantage from IT infrastructure to software development to final support. Vanusra offers a growing momentum with the clients, which supports them continuously.

Skill Development Training

The core purpose of Skill Development is to create a workforce with the necessary and continuously upgraded skills, knowledge and globally recognized qualifications to gain access to employment.This will also ensure India’s competitiveness in the dynamic global market. This aims at increasing the productivity and employability of workforce. Skill development seeks increased participation of youth, women, disabled and other disadvantaged sections and to synergize efforts of various sectors and reform the present system with the enhanced capability to adapt to changing technologies and labour market demands.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) “Skill development is of key importance in stimulating a sustainable development process and can make a contribution in facilitating the transition from an informal to formal economy. It is also essential to address the opportunities and challenges to meet new demands of changing economies and new technologies in the context of globalization.”