Online Virtual Training

Today, the need for information & knowledge transcends physical boundaries & cultural barriers. VANUSRA offer training in a format such that it allows trainees and trainers to be in different rooms and yet experience familiar interaction of Class-room training. Virtual instruction environment enable us to simulate the traditional classroom learning experience for our trainees.

The training facilitates the trainer & the trainees to be in different rooms at a mutually agreed time and get connected through web based Meeting Center (Webex). Through the meeting center, our trainer share their presentations, present demos on the tools, share his desktop in allowing the participants to have a feel of the tools while simultaneously engaging in explanation of the concepts. The engagement tools typically includes live conversations and quizzes, such that the trainees have an interactive session and even raise their doubts any point of time during the session for the trainer to clarify them.

Our Instructor led virtual training is easy, affordable and time-saving. We have a committed team of highly experienced and certified IT trainers to train students and professionals (one-on-one/group).