Classroom Training

VANUSRA, an internationally recognized IT Training & Certification company, provides extensive classroom training for all its training and certifications courses, designed to meet specific career requirements. To help you remain focused, we provide an optimal learning environment through our classroom training.

A classroom setting allows for real time discussions and provides interaction that isn’t easily duplicated even with the most advanced of technology. For some, a one-on-one instruction session brings better understanding rather than an online training environment. Typing a message or posting to somebody isn’t the same as verbalizing a point of view. In a classroom setting instructors can answer questions and provide hands-on solutions that should satisfy most curiosities, and create a personal connection which makes the learning experience more contented. This gives a sense of encouragement and belonging to the student, allowing more time to learn things properly. The students among them come together to work out basic problems and find solutions as a group. A classroom enables a learner to experience support from peers and instructors.

Dedicated to your success, we help you gain essential skills and knowledge through intensive hands-on practice and real world simulations. We only work with expert instructors with real-world experience who could share their broad knowledge with the students, and prepare them for future endeavors.

When you participate in VANUSRA’s classroom training, you’ll get valuable hands-on training from a VANUSRA certified trainer and also learn how to make the most of VANUSRA’s products. This training is held in various cities throughout India and abroad.